What We Choose to Remember, Part Two

But we are Americans. Malcolm understood that, what that means culturally, the way in which African Americans have created, developed, forged, cultivated, scratched out – which metaphor?- an identified and indentifying culture only possible under these unique conditions of U.S. political and social history. We live with the doubleness. It marks us. It marks our modernity. Henry Louis Gates and others remind us of the creole character of our culture, often as a critique of the Afrocentric, the essentialist. But creole-ness has not weakened the magnetic pull of Africa, and American-ness continues to complicate how one lives with the pull. We live doubled.

This is an American.
This is an American.
This is an American Maroon. Maroon, from cimaron, meaning wild and unruly, runaways.
This is an American Maroon. Maroon, from cimarron, meaning wild and unruly, runaways, stray cattle.
This not the South( thank you JVDZ).this is not the South either (Thank you JVDZ).
this is not the SouthThis is not the South either.

So what did Malcolm mean?

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