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The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is in the midst of a petition campaign and encampment tour to hold the United States government responsible for crimes against humanity committed against the U.S. African population historically and continuously up to the present moment.  The drive to internationalize the movement for justice and liberation for the Black people in the U.S. has a long and storied history since the Abolitionist Movement of the late Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries. From Frederick Douglass to Malcolm X, progressive African leadership has recognized the value of international solidarity.  The United States promotes itself as the principal defender of human rights in the world, the indispensable nation keeping the world from sliding definitively into barbarism.  What is more barbaric than empire building?  Murder by police, murder by private citizens, toxic water in Flint, water deprivation in Detroit, food deserts in South Los Angeles, engineering the crack cocaine economy, routine displacement of African communities, hyper school suspension rates and push-out rates, mass incarceration, benign neglect, malignant attention, these constitute only some of the most contemporary and quotidian aspects of   The African bodies and minds, among so many others, cry out for justice and point their scarred and broken fingers at the perpetrator of the crimes against them, the United States government and civil society. Read the petition linked below, and if you can unite with it in a principled solidarity, sign it and share it. Even if you don’t sign it, share it. The INPDUM winter encampments are in Chicago, IL, Jackson, MI, New York, NY, and Washington, DC.  We charge Genocide!

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