Capitalism & Crises/Culture & Solutions

Fire this time! We’ve got a cayennehot mix of social critique

&call to action that addresses the urgency of our situations

locally, nationally and globally.

Earth, Water & Sky: The Race Politics of Pollution 

Official policy & corporate interests– embedded in the cultural matrix of White Supremacy–conspire to ensure that Black and Brown peoples bear the brunt of crisis caused by industrial polluters. We see it in the global effects of climate change and in our toxin-saturated local communities. We see it in the development ventures that disfigure our neighborhoods, create hazards, disorient and displace us.

We must see that we have a human right to place and to sound environments.


Session Topics: Climate Change, Flint Water Poisoning, Public Health Policy, Resistance Efforts

Saturday, July 9 4-7 pm