Aiyana Jones Villanelle (Also posted at May we never forget

A steel May night she lies safe asleep in her bed

While down the street a war descends on the room

Detroit police with the missile that flies at her head.

A little girl seven years old dreams of the book she read,

Did she hear glass shatter, the boots kick doors, or the boom

And flash of the grenade as she lay safe asleep in her bed?

The coroner said the bullet blasted her head

And the bullet cut her neck before she knew her doom,

A steel May night she lay safe asleep in her bed.

It was the wrong apartment, but one must not be misled.

The S.W.A.T. team knew they might have the wrong room

When they fired the bullet through the air at her head.

But was it their fault the living room couch was her bed?

In a rich country like theirs, how were they to assume

A Detroit police bullet would blast her young head?

So outraged again we place candles at the door where she bled,

Where grandmothers and granddaughters sleep and live in one room

Where they thought she laid that May night safe asleep in her bed

And the Detroit police opened her seven year old head.

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